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the guy in the back has huge boobs

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

great illustration! just not interested in the subject matter as a tshirt. none the less, you deserve a 5!


fuckin badass man

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration and style, love the uzis and that nurse. $5


haha so many kids toys like this. Ace!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

LOVE how they are punching out of the chest like that! I'm gonna need the nurse's help after they come out of me like superhero versions of the face hugger from ALIEN. Glorious work! 4 and buy.


Nice! No distressing ... kudos. It almost seems to me that the white "ripped" portion should be the underlying color of the shirt to give the impression that the shirt itself is ripped open. All around good job.


I need to go to the gym and buff myself up to properly wear this as a shirt.


Nice illo, but i think Blink 182 might sue for copyright issues; that's 100% their nurse!

cpdesign profile pic Artist

I don't think it will pose a copyright issue. Yes I used the image as a reference, but it doesn't look exactly like her and she's in a different outfit, pose, colors. So sorry: PrettyFly4aDPhi I don't think it's an issue. If I'm wrong then it's not that big of a deal to change.

tomburns profile pic Alumni

oh, and that nurse dosent look anything like that crappy bands porno chick nurse. there are sexy nurses everywhere, ever been to a halloween party?

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Really love the style!!




BITCHN'!!! 5$


-Jesus, theworld, get a grip, musical taste has nothing to do with artwork. I like the illo a lot, that's why I'm posing this as a concern. The album's from years ago, but I know that picture because I've used it as well, for practice, that really has no influence on my musical preference. People on this thing need to seriously adjust their attitudes.

-CPDesigner, I really DO like it, the drawing is nice and the color scheme is really cool. I'd just hate people to bug you about it, better here than other places.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

the artwork is perfect, but it's not something anyone would really want to wear. the concept is just too corny.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

I appreciate all the nice comments just wish some people weren't so overly critical with analyzing every little detail that doesn't really matter. Yes I could have made it multiethinic I agree. Just didn't think of it at the time. Renne: It's not that difficult to stand like the nurse is posed, I think the shadow on her upper thigh makes it deceiving. And as far as the firefighter comment, I somewhat agree that he should use water, which I thought of doing, but thought it might be cheesy. He's immune to fire and uses it against the bad guys not to save good guys. Anyway thanks for the feedback and votes.


I like the way it looks on Natural best. If the other colors are used, I think it'd be better for the "torn" looking part to match the shirt, too. Nice!

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