First Grade War

Design by snaggle tooth

First Grade War by snaggle tooth on Threadless
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snaggle tooth
snaggle tooth profile pic Artist

I used to spend many days drawing planes, tanks, army men, helicopters and explosions. Bringin back the old school flava with this belt print concept. Enjoy!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i was going to write something smarmy about how 'of course it's the same 5 images, that's what belt prints are' but this gives off a pijama look to me and i think therein lies the reason - because it's only a very small cluster of different images. it would be neater if you could add in navy barges those army suv things and maybe a few other men?


Reminds me of the game, "Sketchfighter"... I like it.


4 for the design as is, def $5 if there were more images to repeat...

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

fun idea. As some other people have said, I think a little more variation would take it over the top.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

This is a great idea. Loads of kids made these battle scenes as kids. As above, it could do with a little more variation.


I thought belt prints could only be one color due to the registration problems.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

nice dood!

more variation definitely would make this moar ace

walmazan profile pic Alumni

yes is true, but great idea!


haha! I would wear this.

Edword profile pic Alumni

lookin good!

mr. lunch

I used to draw stuff like this... but in 2nd grade, guess I was slow.
In 5th grade I added sound effects...
Cool idea, but like everyone else said... more stuff? One of the dudes needs a rocket launcher!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yup, the variation votes have it and i think this would be a really cool idea. Way to make simple scribble drawings into something more than what should have been left on the high school notebook corners.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

i like the idea but i agree with everyone about the variation, maybe not even a pattern, maybe a colossal, all over, belt-printed battle, coering water, land and sky


I like everything about this....but I do agree a rocket launcher would kick some ass...but I could add a rocket launcher to anything!

wotto profile pic Alumni
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I likey

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

like a lot!!!!! Threadless please test your belt printer with this! $5



DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

Threadless, when you print this make sure you make a kids version!


diggin the black and red fo sho. I would totally wear this

Montro profile pic Alumni

great colors, fun stuff!!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

The red really sets it off. A little more variety and this would be great. Good job though.


looks kind of like a kiddie version of a Rogue Status shirt....

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

yeah this makes for a pretty cool effect - like that old school tank game - cool stuff man

hogboy profile pic Alumni

Love this. My 7 year old makes similar looking awesome full page battle scenes that just truely rock. I concur with some of the other comments in that the design would benefit from a bit more variation but nonetheless good work.

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