First Dog on Pluto

Design by (matthijs)

First Dog on Pluto by (matthijs) on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

Very nice illustration, butthole.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

nice, but whats with your animals and not having eyes? =)

(matthijs) profile pic Artist

eyes made the dog more childish. I didn't want that on this one. Bernie doesn't need eyes now does he?

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

The dog is so cute, looks like a bull terrier.


I adore the style of the dog.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

I'm not sure why, but I really like this one. Nice!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

I guess part of what I like so much is that the design is circular, but doesn't look forced into a circle.


Psh, didn't you know? Dogs CAME from Pluto. Oh well, your lack of knowledge doesn't detract from this nice design. 5

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

hey matthijs, love the dog, i wish i have a dog,,my best friend dog named Pluto,she will LOVE to have it!!! $5

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