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First Comment! by Monkey III on Threadless
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Monkey III
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"First Comment!", "First Post!" or "First!" is an Internet phenomenon on Internet discussion groups (see Threadless, youtube etc.), where participants strive to be the first person to "post" a comment to a new article, design, vid or discussion thread. Lately it has developed into another word: "Ninja!"


i wonder if ninja_bassist is happy she started a phenomenon and inspired a shirt.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

I won't give credits to ninja_bassist. It's just a trend I witness. The first comment hype was already there. I just wanted to do a 'parody" on it. It's easier with the word ninja ^^


i don't like the design very much, but i thank you 'cause now i know what it means... ;)

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

total ripoff of particleman.


:[ I would buy it cause I love inside jokes.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

(im joking btw).

cronobeaker profile pic Alumni

I'm not sure if the idea is wide spread enough. I guess time will tell:)


Because I obviously spend too much time on threadless, I'd buy this

I'd buy it real fast


don't encourage teh n00bs!

nice design

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

bananaphone on Jun 07 '07
total ripoff of particleman.

hahahha b-phone in full effect, but you did follow it up with a "j/k". Anyway, definitely like what you are doing with this one, love the styles too.


I thought ninja was ment as to say the idea of the design was stole/already done and copied. Maybe I just played to much WoW, so I automaticly associate the word with stealing and being a fraud.. Gah.

Anyways, nice to finally know what it means.

On teepic: I think it's too narrow. You could wear this for a lifetime without anyone getting it, which would be kinda sad. Although I do have a tee saying "ARE YOU GAY!?" (in danish, though) which is also a very inside joke from a danish web-phenomenon, where a grandfather in a manga film questions his grandson's sexuality. For sure alot of people think I'm gay (which I'm actually not) when I wear it, but some times I've met some stranger who'd crack down laughing, telling me it's about the coolest tee he's ever seen (because he's one of the relatively few who's seen the film). I guess that's the draw of such inside joke tee - you won't have alot of people thinking it's cool, but when some one recognizes it - it's really awesome :D


on white! $5


amoania is right. -- That's how "ninja" comments got started.

herky profile pic Alumni

I like the change up of style, nice stuff


the whole ninja phenomenon makes me want to punch puppies or something horrible. ugh.




i want ittt LOL


Kind of weird that it appears the shirt's designer didn't realize where the "ninja" comment came from (as referenced by the crossed-out "pirate" etc). No big deal, but it would make more sense as a Threadless inside joke tee if you had other Threadless-only references. For instance, you could include a yeticorn, or tons of skulls, some cassette tapes, etc...just a thought. Or if you're going for an internet first-comment tag concept, check other forums for their standard first-comment remarks and include those as well. I hear there are MANY others out there. It would make an interesting shirt (some of them are damn funny), but might be outdated before it got printed. These things are so mutable and fluid, but that's the nature of the internet.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

I knew where it came from -- that's pretty obvious.
I'm a blog dweller here.

Outdated? perhaps.
It's our zeitgeist.


Tibsnow on Jun 07 '07
ooohhh more ninjas, how original. I I cant remember the last time i saw a shirt about ninjas...
obviously, this joker doesn't get the joke! :p

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