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yup, i have two little dragons!!

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

awww! this is so cute!


Oh that is so cute! I love it


cute.....great idea


Cute!!! Would like it a bit smaller, but would make a wonderful kid's shit!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, cute idea, i agree about it being a bit smaller on the tee and maybe have the fireballs have tails more than on top since it looks like they're flaming downward, but good show here man!

Dr MonA

Cool and hot!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

great! 5$


I agree with FRICKINAWESOME about the direction of the fireballs. Also, "Flammable" is spelled wrong. Fix those and it's a $5 for me.


Great great idea man! you did it again!


V. nice

Tian Lubis

hahahahah lucu....5$


I think the fireballs might work as they are if, when you had the design on a t-shirt, you had the dragon sat right down at the bottom corner - coz when this flashed up on my screen all i saw at first were the fireballs, then i scrolled down and saw the dragon and that made me laugh! If you could reproduce that effect on the t-shirt I think it would work :)

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i really like the dragon but the placement of the fire balls bothers me
i wish they were like getting smaller and more toward the sleeve
still 5!

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