finding love was never so awkward

Design by fatboyjim

finding love was never so awkward by fatboyjim on Threadless
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i think your perspective is off, that top left corner looks as if it's sitting up

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

haha, I was about to start work on a concept exactly like this, guess i'll move to plan B.

Good Idea!


The maze is too easy to solve.

From above, maybe. At ground level, or inside it, this would be much more difficult.

It reminds me of Some Choices are Just Out of Reach. Not that they resemble each other, that's just what I thought of. That's a good thing...


Maybe make the person a different color.


don't do green on green.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I've typed it before and i'll type it again, Threadless NEEDS more maze designs and most certainly one printed!!! I like this one, but it might get the point across better if the maze was a tad bigger and slightly harder to solve, with a bunch of people already in the maze walking into dead ends, throwing their hands up with rage, etc. As is, I still dig its simplicity and clarity of concept, but don't print it on green. 3.


yeah i like the changed one better.. the once above kinda looks like its its floating


I really like the revised design.


I love waxed chickens idea, but that would be something else entirely.

I actually liked the odd perspective of the original but I like that the revised is unsolvable. either way $5

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