Finally In Flight II

Design by Ravenheart

Finally In Flight II by Ravenheart on Threadless
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Ravenheart profile pic Artist

This is a re-sub of a design I first tried out last year. This just seemed to be the right time to try it again. The link to the original design can be found on my Threadless profile.

The two shirt colors are Light Blue and Denim.


simple && cute, :) $5


awwwww the cute penguin should get together with the poor lil' beaver

( I'm not saying you copied. I just wanted to point out another cute design just like yours. )

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Aw, he looks like the penguin from Wallace and Gromit. (I kind of wish you had done more than clean up the art from your last submission, though- I'd love to see another bird, hot air balloon or something up their with the penguin)

Ravenheart profile pic Artist

well, the original, original painting of mine that this idea came from was a penguin in a hot air balloon. I just like the simplicity of this. But hey! there may be a hot air balloon in the future. you never know!

Thanks for all of the comments so far!


hellz, yeah! Simple and so cute. nix...ADORABLE!


Very Cute!!
I think it looks better on the light blue.


this penguin reminds me of the penguin from
Wallace and Gromit.

and pooh, if he had a blue balloon.

i love it.

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