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that text is friggin 'uge, man.


I'm with silver girl. No need for the "what?" although it makes the shirt funny.
Also, it's too massive, but very nice colour choices.


great concept. more colors and for the love of god shrink the text


hmm nice design of boy and girl but i dont like shirts that mention god. say something like "what if we were all figments of our own imagination"?


wow. groovy design. i love everything about it.

jbyron profile pic Artist

I know the speech baloon is crazy-overpowering - but the thing is, I actually liked this design best on the burgandy shirt where all the elements were very subtle, especially the speech baloon - but I didn't feel like I could submit it that way because the details wouldn't show up well enough to critique. Did that make sense? Anyway, thanks for the feedback everyone.

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Well kitty, and this is solely based on your comment - but I think the obvious answer to your question would be: YOU.
I mean, who carries around so much hate for something or someone they care nothing about?


i like the design very much, but i'd be more apt to buy this as a notebook cover or a poster than a t-shirt. i'm not sure i really like it much as a t-shirt.


are we not?

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