Fight the Power... the last stand

Design by Ellsswhere

Fight the Power... the last stand by Ellsswhere on Threadless
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EZFL profile pic Alumni

i preferred the other one. this seems almost unfinished...


Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

awesome its up... well i could always mix the two styles if anyone wanted to see it printed, its simply a matter of clicking a button really... thanks for the comments


well yeah after looking at the other one i like this one better...


solid lines on the hamster, crack, hatch, and white highlight at bottom

dotted lines on the longitude lines (airholes)

no text in the shadow

and i could swear all the hampster balls i've ever seen are orange...but blue sets off the tan fur better

then i could see it getting printed


The freedom shadow is a stroke of genius. Just needed to say that! $5


$5 i like it


Yeah, no text in the shadow, but the concept is fantastic.


(had to look in your profile to see the old one)

i like this one much better.
it be very awsome.

hehee. this cracks me up. i really loved the first one and prefer it with the dotted lines and bluish-gray and tatoo and solid shadow. boy it's hard to please everyone. sadly i don't think i said i'd buy it last time. it's because i was crazy. luckily you re-subbed. good thinking! yay!!


much better than the last one, 5

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

hahaha... thankyou to everyone telling me to give up and not resub... your positive attitude is uplifting. If at first you dont succeed give up! Im all for it

Big Ed

I don't like the text.


I really like the text :D


I'd get rid of the text and make sure the shirt isn't black, other than that is seems okay.


kinda cute, but I wouldn't ever wear it, sorry.

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