Feel the Rage of the Oso!

Design by Mike Laughead

Feel the Rage of the Oso! by Mike Laughead on Threadless
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teametc profile pic Alumni

oso? is that like ewok? either way i like the drawing allot


"Tail ->" isn't on the actual design, is it?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

the eyes are very gorillaz. Nothing wrong with that though.


you're right, bananaphone, it does have a rather Jamie Hewlett feel to it. which i dig. i kinda wish the one wasn't on a skateboard though. just seems kinda oddly out of place to me.


I love all the text. It has to stay!

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

I guess Mike is still signed in on our parents' computer. I, Lisa, left the above comment.....still gonna do it

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