Feel good feel free, virtual insanity

Design by KEMMLER

Feel good feel free, virtual insanity by KEMMLER on Threadless
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Maybe if you want to keep the bottom of the building a clean line, you should move it to the bottom of the shirt.


i really like it......id wear it but it does remind me of jumping....fix the bottom cuz the building ends too abruptly.....mayb just like at the bottom put like the word "FREEDOM" or somthin else so ppl dont take it the wrong way....5


loose the building. otherwise a 5


Now thats PARKOUR


If you have to go with one of your fixes, the third is the best, but I like the building how it is now except you should extend it to be longer and move it to the bottom left, so it cuts off with the tee but the guy is still almost in the same position on the shirt.
Well thats just my 2 cents, great tee! (5$ with changes, 5 now)

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