Feed them too the happiness monster

Design by Raid71

Feed them too the happiness monster by Raid71 on Threadless
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herky profile pic Alumni

great illo and colors, that creature has some powerful telepathic powers, nice job. Natural is ace. $5

Montro profile pic Alumni

I would love to wear this one day. Great job $5


ive hurd better shit when ive tookin a shit
im drunk


to, not too....

sorry that and "loose" bug me. i like the desin though.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I love the art but think the placement is wonky. if the size of the design is kept that large, I think the monster should be dropped down lower and to the right on the shirt. Right now it makes a weird triangle shape. Still, great characters!

le_hell profile pic Alumni

amazing style, congrats!

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