Feed the world (with meat)

Design by sooty

Feed the world (with meat) by sooty on Threadless
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The colours have gone a bit off in the giff, they are abit subtler than this on the hi res


it needs something else to make it look like meat... and i don't really get it.

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A fork would help and also maybe a t-bone and/or circle bone you see in cartoons on steaks in a few of the continenets.


looks like meat to me. but then...

Bio-bot 9000
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Man, the south pacific is all fat and gristle.


delicious. $5


I like meat. I like countries made of meat, but I like rivers made of fat marbling. I would lose the country outlines, and replace them with major landmarks, like river and mountain ranges. It doesn't look too meaty right now.


as a vegan, i dislike.


Yep, needs more reenforcement that we're looking at meat.


Yeah, it looks like a map. It needs meaty texturing. Also, why doesn't Australia have state borders?

Descrimination I say!


hmmm, nice but put some of those circle bone things in some of them. dont know what theyre called...

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