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Just got done with a camping trip to the grand canyon - anytime i camp the best part of each night is having a camp fire

so this is based off a photo i took while camping - and i did some simulated process seps on it using only 5 colors, red, orange, yellow, white and black

i'll post a link of the original photo and larger views on a blog once this is up


oh awesome! i would hope it came w/ a lovely smoky smell too.


It's a nice photo. And ultimately that's all it is, a photo on a shirt.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It is quite pretty, i wished you had done a bit of mixed media with this, perhaps drawing the smoke spiraling up in all kinds of crazy ways that would have lifted this above a pretty picture on a tee. Still pretty nice tho!


but he did it first

and i fived it


underscored! it is simple, try out the mixed media as FA suggested and resub.

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