Fauxy Pirate

Design by theurbanraptor

Fauxy Pirate by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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nice fox, maybe a little more or a different texture on the burst


I like the brown one the best!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Didn't I see this as an Ascii Drawing before? ;) hahaha jk.
I like brown the best


It looks like the fox's ears are facing backward. And I don't understand the point of putting an eyepatch on a fox or mispelling the word "foxy"

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Wow Urban, I've been away for a while, and you've been a busy guy. Huge improvement in your designs. Huge. Keep them coming.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If anything, you TOTALLY stole this from the fox puppet in Labyrinth. Where's Ambrocious the Dog when you need him to ride this stolen design away from whence it came? Just kidding man....i REALLY like your new, more focused animation style and the rising sun effect behind the fox. Good stuff all around....4$.


I know what the word "faux" means. But how does that have to do with the design?


basically the whole concept of the pirate is fake. and of course a fictional character is fake. you could just as well draw a fox doctor and call it fauxy doctor. it's a weak pun at best, and doesn't apply to this design specifically.

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