Fat kid

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Hahaha I love it. I 'd totally buy. This reminds me of the playground outside my neighborhood...and us.....high school kids...ahh!


Definitely without the shadow.


its just a little unorigonal
at first it comes off as sorta funny and witty
but then you realise that it was a joke from a tv show and then it comes off as a rip off
it doesnt help that you made the kid perfectly round like stewie was, maybe rework the kid a bit and the horse and it might be better.. but right now its just a total copy cat move


aren't we done with the fat kid jokes yet?


I'd rather see a high school or college kid on it.

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Fat people make me sad... however cartoon fat people make me laugh, esp. when their obesity causes a social blunder 5


I wasn't a fat kid, but I could still make that horse go almost to the ground


Love the idea , still it's perspective looks weird <4


Very funny.

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