Fat Chasis

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Fat Chasis by bananaphone on Threadless
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bananaphone profile pic Artist

So tell me Antan, where are your designs?


It looks like Bender in the same way Bender looks like a generic robot. I doubt he's stepping on any copyright toes.

And plus, it's a funny concept.


I suppose it's my duty to mention that it's spelled "chassis," though. That's correctable before publication, I'm sure.


This is the lone 1 out of 35 possible. wow.

There seems to be a major disconnect between your artwork and the culture of threadless. ask: what does this piece of art contribute? How is the image and the concept connected? Is this supposed to be surreal or is it truly junk? Please reflect back on the idea of inundating threadless with what appears to be myriad 5-minute sketches in the hope that the blind squirrel finds a nut. Think quality - not quantity.

daniellam is completely on target by recognizing that some people just aren't designers and that that in no way disqualifies what they can see in the designs of others.


it doesn't look like Bender you fools.

I don't like it at all though. Very childish.


wow your designs really make some people angry...

Think this design would benefit if the colours (pink=girls, blue=boys) were switched. Pink looks heaps better on boys!


I think the drawing style is funny, but the phrase "Do I look fat in this
chas(s)is?" Does not make much sense to me. He is not IN a chassis.

  1. It does not look EXACTLY like Bender. It DOES resemble Bender.

  2. This is definitely the best of the 50 some odd MattGiraffe subs I've had to slog through.
bananaphone profile pic Artist

"see, what makes people like me + antan better than say, BANANAPHONE is that we posess no/little talent-but we don't force it upon the world. whereas he/she forces their lack of talent upon us."

Noone told you you have to rate every single submission, including Matt Giraffes. Most of the people that are complaining that there are "alot" are the ones that DELIBERATELY looked at all of them in order. Thats their moronic fault.

And god forbid someone doesn't do something exactly to the formula that threadless has already printed.


Maybe it's one of those US-versus-the-rest-of-the-world spellings, but I've always seen it spelled "chassis."

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I figured alot of girls wear the boys tees anyway. Really if I expected it to actually get printed I wouldn't mind too much what colour =P

Mr. Cranky-Pants

'Fraid not dayla, it's just spelled wrong.

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