Fast Friends on the High Seas

Design by Escape Artist

Fast Friends on the High Seas by Escape Artist on Threadless
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Escape Artist
Escape Artist profile pic Artist

Is this a love not meant to be, or fabled lust on the salty sea? I'll let you crusty dogs decide...

Boy it is hard to fit all that detail into one little square, but I hope you like what you see! The main design will be a off-center on the left side of the shirt, and the little ship on the back or shoulder. I appreciate your votes because I'd love to wear this sucker to the hot beach.


Resistance profile pic Alumni

Great artwork. awesome style and color. 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is really awesome! I can't believe this isn't getting more votes. Super idea and filled with well-designed and clever touches.


This made me smile... I love her expression.

sarava profile pic Alumni

very nice


Nice illustration..

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