Fast Food Meal

Design by batata



nice execution of the concept ! ;) The only nitpick I have is the mustard looking too thin. Everything else is great !
(Threadless is allowing for 5 colors until Jan 1st - so maybe resubmit this design with better mustard and a bread-colored bun)

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Nice illustration


For this design the two shirt colors I like are black (death) and red (blood).

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I think this is a bit of a harsh way to get your point across, but the concept and drawing isnt bad. I like what you did with the grenade and hot dog, but just a gun sticking out of a cup doesn't really execute the combo you are going for i feel. If you maybe painted the shaft of the gun in white with blue and red stripes like a straw, it would be better integrated into the design i feel. Eating that grenade or hot dog must give you a horrible case of exploding bowels.


Everything basically has been said already. Thicker mustard and gun barrel straw would be great. Maybe do something witty with the cup dimples? :] 4


awesome tshirt!


Diogo, pediste ao MC para usares o teu design? Espero que não venhas ainda a ter problemas porque tu deste os direitos desta imagem ao participar no concurso :(

Mas eu ainda vou ser obrigado a fazer o mesmo =X

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