Fashion Lag

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Fashion Lag by slaterock on Threadless
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23-skidoo! Girls should dress like this again. Great concept.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

Very well done. Framed perfectly. The grays add subtlety that helps the laptop and cell to become "hidden" and a suprise once the design's better examined.

slaterock profile pic Artist

Papaprime, thanks man! Yeah, when i set out on this design, I wanted everything to appear normal at first glance, and then for the viewer to say "wtf? they didn't have laptops back then,... or cell phones!". Crazy, I know.


def. nice work here. Love it on the selected t-shirt color.


even if it doesnt win for this contest, please print!!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

2 hairy lesbians using a laptop? awesome.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Beautiful lines and amazing execution. I only wish they had hairy legs. 5$

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I personally liked the wide open space the window provided.

I could be biased though, liking your initial design first I can't look at the changes without it.

Plus, the curtains seem to busy up the design unneccasarily. The first design is already pretty damn busy.


I really like the illustration. :)

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