Fascist Food

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valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

pseudosara21, I think this speaks more towards (and should be more offensive to) the Germans. The analogy is probably that the Germans mindlessly followed Hitler, and Americans mindlessly follow Ronald.


perspective of flag is not correct, i think.that is a great illo!give u 3!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

5 from me mate.

The Ending

how can you even consider to compare Hitler to McDonalds. Horrifically distasteful. Just because it is art doesn’t mean you can justify this. 0


eh personally i'd associate mcdonalds more with drug dealers then hitler. besides, i really love chicken mcnuggets. and all the various animals in them.


Bwahahahaha...excellent design! youve got a 5 n buy from me :)


Controversy! Yay!


perhaps ronald grabbing the podeium in anger... intead of saluting to Hitler..

just a suggestion


so scary


If people hate this then it really is a great design. $5.

deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Alumni

People are too freaking sensitive. Get over it. Good work, keep the controversy coming. Possible title... Der Fryer


this is great and all.. but i kinda feel offensive.. .... everytime there is a topic in school or anywhere that has to do with hitler/nazis, everyone just stares at me, cuz i'm german.. so this relates.. i think its really offensive to me and jews, and well to alot of ppl!
design is awesome that i got a admit.


Yea, this is a badly executed idea at first glance, and poorly drawn at second glance.


"the way you think about the design offends you"? it's the same effect. saying "I find this offensive" versus "this is offensive" is only less direct and is just a semantic difference. to say that getting offended is highly unintelligent is ridiculous. getting offended is emotional. emotionality and reason or intelligence is a false dichotomy, and in fact, emotion is a necessary component of reasoning.


I'm not offended by it, but I think the comparison is a little extreme. Also, does his face have to look so dead/zombie-ish? I think it would be better if he had the happy smiley face on.


yay controversy!!! - - - noone ever seems to remember that that used to be the standard salute of the American flag (it was also the salute used by the ancient Romans) - it was only changed to "hand-over-heart" after Hitler - much in the same way that the swastika is now associated only with Nazis, despite the fact that it is an ancient symbol found in many cultures, usually symbolizing the earth/elements/sun/life - - - - - anyway with the clown paint and big M, it actually seemed a little more Manson to me - I think it's funny - 5

spires profile pic Artist

I think snittleface is on to something


clever, controversial, 5

spires profile pic Artist

It was denied for that contest.

southworth profile pic Alumni

I've been looking all over Wal-Mart for a shirt that combines Nazi imagery and hamburgers. I should have been looking on Threadless the whole time.

Yavol! $5 right in Der Fuhrer's face.


lame. 0.


The illustration's connotations (intentional or not) are so powerful that the humor from the pun is unable to overcome them.


I really like the presentation....best use of flash Ive seen here in awhile. I wouldn't buy this though (sorry)

spires profile pic Artist

I agree with you, princess!

Freddie Mokuyobi

I think this design is hilarious... if people can't take a joke then fuck them. $5


a nice try, but it doesn't quite fly. why is Ronald bending over like he has a hernia? the angles, flag, proportions, face are weird. An obese audience would be awesome, but I can't picture how to make it work well. There are a a lot of other things you could do to make the parallel more than obvious but less offensive (the pounding on the table that I forget the real name of, or just a fist instead of the straight hand.
Personally, i'm more offended by how people emphasize the number of Jews the Nazis killed while ignoring the equal number of non-Jewish Poles and Roma who were killed.


and everyone should stop trying to generalize Americans. There's a word for those people and it's name is "St. Fu"


anyone who is "offended" by a ronald mcdonald mockery illustration is an idiot and in all likelyhood, trapped right in the middle of the herd.


sure, keep telling yourself that.


besides, the only thing shocking about this piece is the reality that people follow this clown like nazi's; mindlessly.

spires profile pic Artist

still causing shit


the comments are so good

i love idiot herd people

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