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Farewell, Ogre Island

Design by lunchboxbrain

Farewell, Ogre Island by lunchboxbrain on Threadless
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lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

Larry the Ogre was a grumpy old chap.

He never liked rabbits or fuzzy red hats.

Alone on his island, he hummed an old tune until one day he saw a bright colored balloon.

He swung his wooden club around and around, stamping and screaming and pounding the ground.

The boy in the balloon smiled and waved while the northeastern winds swept him away.

And there Larry sits, happy and alone with only his thoughts, his island, his home.


yea! This came out great, I love the colors & the ogre :)

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments so far. hershel - i went with the light blue tee for the water/sky color. I really don't think another blue would work as well.


what a loveable ogre, too bad he doesn't like visitors


Hehe, i like it. I agree withhershel in that the balloon is a bit too big, otherwise it's gold. :)

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