Farewell, Jacques!

Design by lunchboxbrain

Farewell, Jacques! by lunchboxbrain on Threadless
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Thanks for the love. Keep those comments coming!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

Any thoughts on improvement? Bueller?


an American, an Irishman, a holdout from the Soviet Union, a Middle Easterner, and someone underwater . . . . hmmmm . . . now how am I supposed to know that guy underwater is French?


flokati_sunshine3596's idea of a beret floating on the water's surface works well. This design would have fit the Extra Tasty contest pretty well.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

Well on one hand (considering the title), I agree.

But on the the other hand, does everything have to hit the nail on the head? At the end of the day, would this hack it in your t-shirt drawer?

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Great Message! =)


OUI OUI! je consens (yes yes! i agree)
let the useless french drown at sea

~I love the alternate version $5


You could incorporate the blue shirt's color into your revised design so the American could have blue shoes or whatever you want to do to make him closer to red, white, and blue (the stars on his hat could be the sand's color).

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

Yeah helo, I hear ya. I thought about knocking out Uncle Sam's garb color (to the blue of the t-shirt) and making the Russian red (as seen in the alternate version) but I like the color balance - blue, green, blue green. Keep them comments rollin' in! Thanks


maybe kids size only? i don't know, i'm not feeling it at all... it's not a simple illustration, it's more of a childish one.

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Nice pug Midoriii!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

Schneidsra - peep the alt. version for the beret. Cheers.

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

wow! this is so awesome. i like it very much. 3!

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