Fantasy Meets Reality

Design by stevetrpi

Fantasy Meets Reality by stevetrpi on Threadless
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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

oh my, oh me, oh boy, oh awesome!

oh i want want want want want it!!!!

this is a meeting of the minds to the point of creative explosions!!!!
$5! great job boyzzz


Well done, gents. I love the wall-eyed monster.

PS, steve, you have got a great eye for consistently picking great t-shirt models for your designs.


excellent design and execution

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

cool design and idea! Good one guys


great collab... and interesting concept too


I interpreted it as two guys in the middle of a MMOG happen
to be contemplating the exact same thing : that the guy next
to him could be a fellow employee at work.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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lol could go that way as well with the design. We actually toyed with this taking on the appearance of an online role-playing game, but took this route for the more general idea presented. Thanks for the comments so far you nifty knights and knightesses!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni
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I'd change the color of the monsters teeth but otherwise, this is well done. 4

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