Fantasy Meets Reality

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Fantasy Meets Reality by stevetrpi on Threadless
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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

oh my, oh me, oh boy, oh awesome!

oh i want want want want want it!!!!

this is a meeting of the minds to the point of creative explosions!!!!
$5! great job boyzzz


Well done, gents. I love the wall-eyed monster.

PS, steve, you have got a great eye for consistently picking great t-shirt models for your designs.


excellent design and execution

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

cool design and idea! Good one guys


great collab... and interesting concept too


I interpreted it as two guys in the middle of a MMOG happen
to be contemplating the exact same thing : that the guy next
to him could be a fellow employee at work.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

lol could go that way as well with the design. We actually toyed with this taking on the appearance of an online role-playing game, but took this route for the more general idea presented. Thanks for the comments so far you nifty knights and knightesses!

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