famous HORROR characters

Design by badbasilisk

famous HORROR characters by badbasilisk on Threadless
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badbasilisk profile pic Artist

this is a 3 colour print on army or heather grey.

the little "poltergeist" is printed in super glow

i know there are more famous horror characters - but this are my personal favorites.

see on flickr a BIG VERSION of this design:

thanks to all!

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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badass design! $5

walmazan profile pic Alumni

I like it a lot!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love how half the characters have the other half of the character's weapons or pieces of body! I agree move the creatures with text bubbles around a bit. I say the dismemebered hand have one of the other creatrue's hand to try and give himself a love partner! Overall, really fun stuff!

badbasilisk profile pic Artist

thank you friends :-)

oh man - frickiboy - i wish you would tell me this in the critiques ;-)
but who cares - alexmdc - is the winner anyway ;-)

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

whauhaha this is great!
Love the first one and the alien!

The Paper Crane
The Paper Crane profile pic Alumni

Great illustration and imagination!

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni


badbasilisk profile pic Artist

thanks :-)


thats really really nice, great character designs and subtle humor. Only problem fro me is that i dont like these boring brown and neutral shirts

badbasilisk profile pic Artist


i like brown shirts and i think it works good with this characters ;-)


nice one..i wear it!

badbasilisk profile pic Artist

thanks to all for voting! 2.31 is not so bad

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