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Theo86 profile pic Artist

Theo86 & Rossmat8 asks for a High Five!rnrn(Thanks to Pilihp and Ninth Wheel for the t-shirt template and flash presentation)

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Awesome concept. Great execution.


Awesome concept. Fair execution. 4


Awesome idea, Good execution.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

High five ! 5$

Theo86 profile pic Artist

Don't forget to click anywhere on the image for the t-shirt template!


Great! Print $5!


Awesome idea and looks very cute so for the future, I mean the kids: 5$

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

In Best Borat Voice:

Hi Five!

Theo86 profile pic Artist

It was a blast to work on! and is doing decently well, just the down voting always hurts ;p

So spread the word about this shirt and I'll give yeah a big high 5 =)

Theo86 profile pic Artist

Thank you all for the kind words! I appreciate all of your comments.

NGee profile pic Alumni

Nice concept!

StevenRice profile pic Alumni

HAHAHAHAHAhA first success five!!!

Dexter Spandex

lol @ first attempted five ;)


undersea five ahaha

Mr Vela

really nice! threadless five is the first with $! 5$$$


nice idea!


I didn't like the illustration at first, but it looks quite good on a shirt for some reason...


haha great idea. i liked being taken on a virtual tour through high five history.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, swell idea chaps, some decent characters here too, but i'd love to see this design deconstructed a bit and not have any text on it, pick a couple more hilarious places to do a high five and blend them all together better....still dig it.

Theo86 profile pic Artist

Thanks for your honesty everyone, may work on this in the future and re - sub it depending on how this goes.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

It's a really fun idea!


Cool design!!! Nice attitude on the constructive criticism you recieved. Keep working on your designs, keep the postive attitude and you'll go far. Good look.


They keep getting better and better. Stay with it!


Awww... I came here too late... :( Sorry. If it's any consolation, my vote probably wouldn't do much, even though I would like to think my vote is a million times more important. ;) jk

Again, be ready for my criticism. Hopefully you can find some of this useful:

Anyway, I pretty much agree with JackieJacktoo. The second thing I thought ("Wow, this idea is cool," being the first) was that it looks like vector art... perhaps too much so. I really don't know how to explain this oth

The biggest problem is, like JackieJacktoo said, they're drawn in different styles. I also agree that the scuba and space drawings are my favorite. I think it's because, not only are they consistent, but they look more carefully drawn and have more details than the cavemen and the modern guy. I like the guy's computer, but his body looks like a quick vector sketch, and the high five looks more like a wave. For the dinosaurs, make their outlines match the others.

I, actually, like the text. It really bothers me when people say "get rid of the text", because for some designs, the text really helps the design. That is the case in your design. (I don't understand the site-wide obsession of telling people "Get rid of the text!" Nearly every design with text says this in the comments. :( ) BUT, I think the font you created for the text could use some touch-ups. For instance, make the writing below the cavemen look more like rocks with some cracks, etc. Right now some of the text looks a bit "wobbly" and sketchy. And be careful about that font you used for the modern guy. It might be copyrighted.

So, overall, good, funny idea. Personally, I like the layout, and the designs pretty good, but with some more work, detail, and a more consistent style, this could become a hit. Please try improving this and resubmitting. It really is a good idea and would make a nice shirt.

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