Family Tree 2094

Design by eskimokiss

Family Tree 2094 by eskimokiss on Threadless
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I'm liking it. My first thought was a flashback to the horrors of hooking up an icube. The only thing that bothers me is the ipod stands out a bit too much, maybe if it wasn't at the top.

Good shirt none the less.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

I'm not very happy with my presentation of this design.
Anyway... I didnt think how 'cliched' or 'now' the ipod would look, I just used it as another 'storage' device. I could possibly move it elsewhere in the design, but I dont think I'd change the size as I want things to scale (roughly anyhow)

I'm not letting up on this design though... I'll be tweeking it till I'm happy with it, and then re-submitting.


Definitely get rid of the ipod. It doesn't fit and I don't liek them.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

smaller and get rid of the black, maybe baby blue with a white outline, then I'd buy.

very nice, I like how you did the roots.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist


the phrase "15 megs of fame" is another project by the skinny corp team (people responsible for threadless), and that sub-graphic is just a pissy attempt at a logo for the back of the shirt. It's premise is a 'family tree' with all the 'projects/companies' that skinny corp have created/been involved with connected via the needle and thread.

It really sucks, don't know why I included it. Just another rushed idea I had while trying to make the deadline.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Just a couple of things:

-The ipod cable is black. It's just a '2 cord' cable that connects the ipod to the pc and charger (that's what I have, may be different for the mac version)

There would be no point in adding speakers or game controllers as it would defeat the purpose of the design. The design is about 'storage devices' and our reliance on them, hence all objects in the design are devices used to store data: memory cards; sim card; usb drive; an ipod etc.

The comment I'm trying to make is that in the future humans may only equal the sum of their memory cards. All information pertaining to an individual: i.e. hair colour; eye colour; height; weight; ethnicity; dna make up; address; academic qualfications; marital status; favourite movie; favourite food; favourite desert; favourite sexual position, etc. will all be stored on a card of some sort.

I realise it is hard to make out much of the design from the set out on this page, but you can see it in greater detail at :

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

The usb 'flash' drive is to the right of the large memory card reader (or as someone called it the 'root device'). To the left is a sim card. If you view the link(as ive said numerous times) you'll see this all very clear

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

I'm unsure as to whether you're implying that this design is similar to 'radios' and/or 'rayguns'. If so I would really love to hear how you would come to that conclusion.

'Radios' is a design that throws together a variety of different audio devices. 'Rayguns' is a design that throws together a variety of different laser guns together. Both designs are great aesthetically but as to a deeper meaning behind the designs?? hmm

I've already explained the semantics behind my design many times, if you see any similarity between 'familytree 2094' and the aforementioned designs then I can only assume that you have a braille monitor at home and you're receiving the 'text-only' version of

Stylistically, if I were to compare my design with any others previoulsy on threadless, then I would say it is most like graphicairlines 'blitz'.


I really like what I see and I would wear this without hesitation.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

And why hasn't this shirt been printed, this is feakin dope!!??? Two things I would alter: the color, no black and the size, just a wee bit smaller.

Great concept.

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