Family Programming

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Family Programming by travis76 on Threadless
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bortwein profile pic Alumni

On Denim 100%. I like how you include the family dog. +5$ only if it's on Denim.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is nice travis ... and I liek it with or with out teh icons but like bort said even better on teh denim

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

very cool, with the pictograms or not. i like it on the denim or slate. $5

herky profile pic Alumni

cool illustration and colors, love it on denim


would've liked the icons above their heads... still a 5!


love the orange & the brown!


I like it best on denim or slate. Looks great with or without the icons.


good idea, not ur best execution mate :)
maybe would have looked better if it was referencing a more subliminal overtone. .. kinda like using electronic waves instead of the tenticles. and more indepth artwork, styled to ur recent 40/50s era poster stuff.

keep up the good work.


I grew up without a TV and do not have the slightest interest in ever getting one in the future. I love the message this shirt says. $5

P.S.: You rock.

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