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Family Portrait of the Living

Design by KDLIG

Family Portrait of the Living by KDLIG on Threadless
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KDLIG profile pic Artist

in the coming years, due to chemical wars and global warming in the future, we'll all be living in a world of suits and masks, even dogs and babies will be wearing them for safety, we'll be living a life with all these mordern day armors, these stuff will be living with the living, they'll be part of our lifestyle due to the unsafe world we're all living in.


Love the illustration, but not so much the background blob thingy.


perfect as is.

the orange t shirt drives home the future chaos of an uncertain world inhabitated by superkilling machines and chemicals.

very sweet.


Honestly, this is one of the best shirts I've seen on this site in a while. A little more to the color or a color option for the shirt would have made this a sure pick, but i still give it a $5 anyway just for the sheer appreciation of such a great piece of clothing.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

thanks for liking this design peeps! this shirt design is a wake up call

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice illo!


Oh snap...
What a future we have,

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

No background.
Awesome artwork man!
I wish I could draw like that.


I totally disagree with your view on the future, but the image is awesome! And i love the background, it makes the family stand out more. Keep it!

It'd buy this....not because i worry about the future, but because it makes me look good.

I'm so vein.

Terry Citizen

lose the splatter background and some colour options for the tshirt and this is gold.

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Love the illustration. I think it would look better without the splatter behind it.


Is this the future???

KDLIG profile pic Artist

this design is just a wake up call, not a prediction or what so ever, it's for us to decide whether we clean up or not

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