Family Business (for lack of a better title)

Design by travis76

Family Business (for lack of a better title) by travis76 on Threadless
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funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

center sage for me too...this is soo awesome

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

nice, super clean style and character development, lower-right on sage.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

i like it alot, great illustration...sage....and i'd buy it..the flecks in heather would be too distracting for this design....


Lower right on sage. Great job.


Love it on green, like it on grey, center it up, and here's my wallet.

loglow profile pic Alumni

right on!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

That's hilarious, trav! You're right, it misses on NY's ethnic diversity, but it nails them Sex in the City-watching, latte drinking 5th Ave types nicely. Great detail, too.

Damn, there's more and more SemiPerm shirts I want to see win...makes it tough to root for one over the others.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Great work Travis. You have a great style dude (jealous I may be..) and also great ideas. Thats the key here I think man. Well done and a begrudgenly given $5!! (is that a word, hell, I colour in for a living!!!)

Ava Adore

very nice work!


Great illustration, but nothing I'd wear.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Haha I'm about to move to NYC and this made me giggle. Grays in the center, is my say. 5 for you!


love it as a commentary comic.


Not bad at all, center placement on sage color.


oh man this is killer.. what the heck happened?


hope this gets printed.


Wow, I know the voting is done on this but I really, really like it.

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