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Falling Stocks

Design by Jebs

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Jebs profile pic Artist

Hi, first of all, Thanks to everyone who gave feedback in the critiques and thanks to Manos who gave the Flash Template :)

i wanted to do something, sarcastic, corrosive, and also a way to have fun, in those tough times, beginning with this parody of the "falling rocks" sign.

I hope you'll like it too. I made an initial, and alternative version with the "Falling Stocks sign", that i wanted to show and incorporated it in the flash template, i put it just to show what was originally the concept ;)

Jebs profile pic Artist

finally it's up in the running :) thanks!

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks! i thought i would have more comments on this particular design, i made especially for a tee, but it seems that i was wrong...we'll see later ;)

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

this is cool man! sad, but cool!
and thanks for your kind comments on my latest sub!
good luck!

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

nice commentary design...

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for your comments!
@ukfswmart : thank you for the kind word.
of course i prefer too the version 1, text isn't necessary, but about the post, it's all about the cynical and fun part of the tee, if i don't keep it, it won't be as strong as it is IMO.

Jebs profile pic Artist

@ukfswmart: at least, one person love it . The phrase is still hided in the post, so somebody can read it only by fixing it :)




nice nice! finally on the run!!! :) take a look at my latest version in critique session (after-math), i remember a comment from you ^_^ ---comments bug? WTF?-- lol

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks clearcut, and yes, you have a comment in the critique section ;)


i like the phrase "golden parachute not included" but i don't like the placement.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks, i don't think i'll have a great score this time with so few comments but we'll see!


This was way underscored!

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