Fall of the White King

Design by kevindujour

Fall of the White King by kevindujour on Threadless
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Ava Adore

very nice!

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Alumni

um... white kings got at least 3 moves left (* laughs, snorts, adjusts glasses) but the concept is a homerun! er... checkmate!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha...cool concept


The arrows are coming in at a strange angle, but it's so funny nobody will notice.


Nice. I want light green


cool except the smoke looks like brains.


The concept is a littls disturbing..white king? But oooo, I like it.


i like it... i would say it's alittle big on the shirt... but i think u would lose detail in the finer areas...


I love this so much. But I really dislike the smoke. If you could make it whispier or something that would be great.


the chess world championship is going to happens here in my city so this is the perfect tee now


gah make it hold still. it's a cool idea but i don't care much for the graphic. well actually i changed my mind it is pretty good looking.

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