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Did you ever wonder where those sparkly fireworks get that extra helping of pixie dust from? Kooky Love and Frickinawesome have obtained this secret photo of the process in action and submitted it for your perusal. Don't shed a tear for those lil' winged lovelies though, since it seems that half the fun of being a fairy is going out with a bang! The fairy sparkles would be in gold-foil ink.


Wow, this design looks amazingly good.
I would actually buy it. You get a 5!

Kojima profile pic Alumni

nice work. good team.


awww, poor fairies! although, she does have a thumbs up...hahaha!
Great job fellas! 5


great idea and cool art... feel sorry for the fairies though!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Cruelly funny and spectacular $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Yeay it's up up and away! thanks so much for the comments so far, always insightful as par the course here.

Green Eyed Lilith- I hear your complaints, but it seems that some fairies are scared of being blown to bits, and some are crazy x-treme like that and actually think it might be a heck of a good time! Just like some people like skydiving and some are horrified by it. Kooky and I agreed it would be bes to soften the idea up the most we can to make it more of a surprise for people to think about after their initial reaction of cuteness. Thanks for your comment tho!


I like the subtle inclusion of Tinkerbelle.


Hm. It must be fairy abuse week. :o( Great design, tho.


another sweet collab!... looks good on the shirt


very cool concept, but i must say two things that somewhat bother, but not enough to kill myself. i personally think the style boy with the fire work is much different than the detail and design of the fairies. maybe its cuz they are way smaller that the detail looks more crisp. and i dunno about that city in the back. kind of PS rendered looking. and maybe you can go w/o using it.


would i be the sickest guy ever if i said that tinkerbelle's right boob is totally hot?

if so, then i didnt just say that.

great illo guys. has a good narrative




chelly on Nov 29 '07

for FNA - terrible sentiment, is what i typed. but since you asked for a real reaction: even w/ the explanation and one small fairy giving an even smaller thumbs up, upon looking at the design momentarily (as you would if it were on a shirt) it appears disturbingly violent. "going out w/ a bang is fun for fairies" isn't a well-known fact; i could actually see this make a kid cry, especially when you use a popular icon like tinkerbell. beyond the idea and on to the art of the submission, it looks rushed. all the different styles (the fireworks, the city in the background, the kid, and the fairies) don't work together FOR the design and come off as odd. i gave this a 3. obviously this is just my opinion.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Chelly- Thank you for explaining yourself a bit further. I'm sorry you don't find the humor in this idea. I think it's a funny little joke about fairies making fireworks "pop" in the sky, and it's made in a light-hearted way as to go with the joke. As for making smaller kids cry, well, honestly I make shirts for adults, not kids, and there have been MANY other shirts on Threadless i feel that have far worse disturbing images (for instance, a a girl blowing her brains out for Flowers in the Attic). I think the fact that everything is hinted at and not really shown makes this image more real in some people's minds, which is actually the point of the tee. Sorry if this offends anyone, it's just meant as a light joke.

Pookiepookstar- If you look at Disney's Tinkerbelle, she does have very humanized parts to her and wears a very short skirt...I don't think Kooky Love set out to ultra-sexualized the fairy outfits. But the whole point of this shirt was to make it a tiny bit disturbing, but not to the point where it would offend or horrify someone. Sorry if that's the reaction you got. There is no sexual connotation I or Kooky Love meant to put into this design, just fairies that don't really exist whom always seem to be female in every fairy tale going kamikaze for fireworks.

Hi my name is

I think that this shirt is pretty funny. I know everyone in entitled to their own opinion but comparing this as "bound female characters getting blown to bits." and "sexualized". WOW! That comment makes me wonder what is going on in "Pookiepookstar”. But seeing that threadless is an American company. It goes to show, land of the free and home of the say what ever twisted thing that's on your mind.


less puke-like colors and i might buy it. but i love the concept


The colours are awesome, but the first works should be red/orange and orange/yellow or something, to give them more variety.

Neon Samurai

Yeah, I love fairies and it's a cute joke. That said there's something about the composition that seems a little incongruous and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. nice conceptually though.


man, you have to put this in a sequence and make a proper t-shirt composition...

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