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againstbound profile pic Artist

I would suggest metallic ink for the dragon/wolves/etc, but this has no prinitng chance so i won't suggest anything



hmmm...it maybe a bit too symmetrical for my tastes, but I love the colors you've used and I'd like to see more of your line work, you could really do something insane with that!


I adore this and would love to see it printed!!!


Love it! The Celtic knotwork + the batik-looking clouds are an awesome combination. I too find the layout too symmetrical/cruciform...but I would love to see you do something else with the elements.


I'm $5'ing it, but whether or not this particular design does well, please keep them coming. Seriously. You'll get a feel for what is viable, within your own style, to get something printed. I think you can totally do it.


Within this particular one of your styles, I should say. Maybe the others too.


I'm not as big a fan of this as (Pi)sces, but thems some nice colors. I just don't like the wings. You see, it all goes back to my childhood, when a winged-man kicked me in the face and stole my candy. And then there was that horrible incident with maxi-pads in eighth grade.

I'm sure all of this is helpful in the critique process.

againstbound profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!!! I was aware this wasn't going to do so well here, but i thought i would still give it a shot and see if people at least liked the style if not this particular use of it, is good to see they do =)


i'm falling for you blushes

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

reminds me of celtic designs, which is a good thing. Like the color combination


Hmmm, the first thing I noticed was how asymmetrical it was. I mean yeah it has 2 wings and 2 wolves but almost every detail/shape is different from one side to the other. I love it! $5

loglow profile pic Alumni

The colors and textures are striking.


I actually like this as well. Love the colors and linework. Dragons are neato.

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