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Face with food by kooky love on Threadless
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Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

This shirt look really cool from distance! ANd it is another feeling in the close up! Fantastic! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Well, an incredibly well-done way-inside joke of Threadless food-with-faces tees. for once tho, the shirt plays nearly as well without people understanding the joke, as the four colored design is simply stunning to look at from close or way back. I rarely give the Threadless joke tees a decent score, but this one surpasses that simple concept and catches the eye with so much more! 4$ and keep the fruit.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I was gonna say that the pic looked like the bastard child of Albert Einstein and Andy Warhol...i think kooky manipulated both designs to appear as something much more different.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

i know that the face will be trouble for me about copyright issue. But...before it has been put in the running this design has passed the judge approval. c'mon threadless, decline this design. It make me feel like a thieft/ copycat. so...i'll try with other face and other fruit. thank you jback

herky profile pic Alumni

love the banana and the strawberry characters, great job.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

kooky may have used those photos (or some other photo) as a simple reference but knowing how talented he is and how awesome his work is, it's clear he didn't "steal" anything.

get over it and enjoy the sub for what it is: a great design. 5

sonmi profile pic Alumni

whoa, settle down jback006... i personally thought this was supposed to be an homage to warhol, because it obviously is his portrait/the velvet underground banana. these works are pretty famous/well-known, and i don't think kooky wasn't trying to pass these off as his own works at all; just appropriating them.

nice work, kooky.


this is not a copy at all. it's an obvious and awesome tribute to andy warhol. it sucks that those stupid comments are now the first things people will see as they scan down. before you make accusations like that, jback, it would help to know what you are talking about.

the more i look at this, the more i like it. excellent job, kooky!

(and yay steveo!)


I viewed it as a homage to warhol as well... plus the food with faces reference is quite witty... great design kooky.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

I swear i've seen that laughing strawberry somewhere

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

btw, Jblack is retarded and needs to steal a brain


nice texture on the wall, good stuff


really really cool. nice, as usual, kooky.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I don't even think it looks like Warhol. I think it looks BETTER than anything that man did. Funny work, kooky, but I wonder if the joke is a little TOO Threadless bloggers?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Shit, at second glance...the joke doesn't even matter. It's witty enough for everyone to understand.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great 5$

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

It's nothing to do with copyright issue, or stealing arts.
It's Warhol. He's belong to everybody now, and about the photos, it's genuinely very famous Warhol photos, just like Che Guevara famous photos which can be seen every where.
And this design was Warhol dedicated, look at the pop art color.

Good luck Dina!

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

thanks all! :) for support this design as a tribute to Andy Warhol, the influence artists of my childhood view.

thanks jback & cherry for give me insight about using other's images and look it up. :)

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

spend more time on the shirt and less on your hair

is that directed at me or kooky? we do happen to be different people.

Allow me to stand in front of a fan for a moment so I can make the females swoon.

nintechno profile pic Alumni

kooky, keep at it. $5.


This is a fantastic design. Conceptually brilliant and very well executed. $5.


this design is real awesome... i think it got underscored

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