Fabric Case of Emotion

Design by bananaphone

Fabric Case of Emotion by bananaphone on Threadless
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I would buy it if it actually said I like peanuts.


yes sir i loves me that shirt

a goat with a hat

The shirt itself is actually pretty awesome; I'm diggin the hand-drawn look. My only gripe is that it's based off an Anchorman joke, which kinda detracts from it for me.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

well kind of, the original joke was that he was stuck in a box of emotion or something, when he was in the phone booth.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahahaa fantastic work again
you need to do an I Like Peanuts shirt next

.onion profile pic Alumni

i like the hand-drawn letters, but not the blue fill-in :T it reminds me too much of people not being able to use the pen tool very well. me, for instance.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

you need fabric case of emotion or similar, because the 2 sylables make it sound more comfortable.


man, i like your designs! $5

bananaphone profile pic Artist

well your wish has been granted, one is pending atm, but it isn't very plain or simple.

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