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F*** Y**!

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F*** Y**! by willypiva on Threadless
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Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

This would get me into a lot of fights with sailors.


lol @ bio bot


f*g lovely!

Mountain Gnome

papervoice on Jan 11 '09
Better without the key because otherwise people will stand there trying to read it for five minuets

and then what...
awkward silence



I wish it said "Hello Sailor"

Then I'd give it a 5!

aled profile pic Alumni

Hehe. I've been playing with a semaphor idea for a while, though nothing ever came of it. It looks great on the tee, but I'm also not keen on the message -you're better than that, Guillermo!

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

I love it!


you should stick with the concept, but try a more interesting message. i'm liking the idea for sure.


i like it, but i think it would be a little subtler with the code on the back. that way it doesn't scream F*** YOU but it says it sneakily. that's just my idea. i still love it, though :)


love this! i like the idea of putting the key on the back too. i can just imagine wearing it and someone asks what it means. ha!


Love the concept, but think the message could be smarter/funnier -" F*@k you" has been done to death.

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