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"F" FOOD by JY x  JS on Threadless
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I thought it said FatFood at first. It's kind of hard to figure out the true saying until you stare at it for a few seconds.

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

Oh, it's not supposed to be "Fat"? I get it. It looks good and actually makes sense as "Fat"

.onion profile pic Alumni

I think it's supposed to say Fat Food. The "s" is being flatulated out xD Clever!


wow!!! love the concept. 5$5$5$5$5$

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

this is SUPER,,,fast food is mostly fat food anyway, Great concept and nice colour combination as well, Good job! $555

liich profile pic Alumni

i think this is a really good shirt. my sister and i got it RIGHT AWAY!! really, i don't understand why people are finding it so hard and needing so much explaining.

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