Eye see you inside me

Design by KDLIG

Eye see you inside me by KDLIG on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

The eye itself is awesome! It's the clean vector keyhole and the garrish color options shown that I am giving the thumbs down to. 3


Yeah, I think I'd like a more organic keyhole...like one you'd see on a decrepit old door.


Match the keyhole with the eye stylistically and place in the center.

melh696 profile pic Alumni

what a great idea!


I agree with the first comment, the style of the keyhole is too different to that of the eye/face. I don't agree with including the whole faceplate as I think the eye may get lost within it. Perhaps a few flecks of colour in the iris would be nice? Colour options could be better also. Awesome shirt however, I could definitely see myself in something like this.


all good 4

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