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at least your trying and you haven't given up yet


I wish one & a half pound deluxe
extra nasty hamburgers with
fries really cost only 50 cents.


This reminds me of this one time back in the day, when McDonalds first unveiled the Big'N'Tasty Burger. I was unaware of it's existence when I walked by a McDonalds that had a big banner on its roof announcing its arrival. The problem was, the banner had come loose and was folded a little bit so that the sign read Big'Nasty Burger.
Since then, I rarely eat at McD's because I believe that the gods were telling me something... that and I tend to agree with the omen.

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well i could change it for the masses... kinda loses its meaning but if need be... sigh


I'm not diggin the text with drop shadows and then a stroke on the drop shadow.

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Again... thanks all for the comments... with so few comments I dont see this getting much higher than a 2.0 if that, but appreciated nonetheless.

hahaha... thanks streetwise, although i must say, the joke works much better for a minigolf course shaped as a car

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