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haha thats so cute

DCASTELLO profile pic Alumni

I think the same, the basic idea is good but I think that the design requires more processing to make it fully attractive. Perhaps the zebra was more dynamic., and the more ephemeral or transparent rainbow ...

Head over here and leave your opinion and vote on my new design. Thanks!

Good luck.

Tafata profile pic Artist

thanks for the scores and the comments guys!!!

YaaH profile pic Alumni

●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃) /█\ ♥/█\


nice idea!


thanks for the critique! you know what i was just recently watching a BBC series on african animals and i remember the zebras, and holy hell they are freaking fast and they were attacking a cheetah! it was crazy sorry about the rant


create a selection of the horse original and apply a uniform gradient across that selection on its own layer. this will eliminate the black outline on the horse in an easy way, and create a a unique print on a darker t-shirt. i recommend at least a grey, no white fo sho.

if you copy a layer in photoshop, enter quick mask mode (Q) paste, exit quick mask mode, you are left with an inverted selection. select: inverse, and on a seperate layer fill with a rainbow gradient. hopefully the print maker understand that the entire spectrum could be created using the roygbv color spectrum black and white. i.e. 8 colors. hope this helps.

P.S. better zebra in extended leg gallop could go along way.

or use horse photo and draw stripes yourself. l8r

Tafata profile pic Artist

thank you very much for the help!!!

and thanks to all for the comments and the scores!!

Anloma profile pic Alumni

WOOW awesome concept!


Loved the concept. Simple and cool. 5!

anyway, please score my LOVE

Tafata profile pic Artist

Thanks you all for scores and the comments...i've never though to reach so many scores!!

If you have a minute to score and comment my new submission would be great!!

Thanks a lot!!

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