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I don't get it, but it's pretty cool-lookin'.


lol @ lenoir.

I don't get it either.

cintrao profile pic Artist

It's just a surrealistic dream about smoke signs and an exhausted wolf in the water. Release yourself from the quest to find the intended meaning and use your imagination to create the story. .. If that doesn't work, show it to a 5 year old and ask him to explain it to you. Above all, relax...and be nice (^_^)

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I just like how the fumes the volcano-ish image at the bottom of the design morphs into a puddle for that sphinx-bear with the teeny weeny asscheeks to wade through. Cool use of reverse relationship on this one...even though its something i don't think i'd buy, it's a nice drawing all the same and you should be rewarded for that, mostly b/c maybe one day you will produce something i DO wanna buy for myself and millions of other people. Nice work!

biticol profile pic Alumni

the eye reminds me bcse of the shadows the NANA anime and i really like that :) good job.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I see you're trying out the Ray Frenden comic style, man. Really good!

cintrao profile pic Artist

clear concepts always get me in trouble. (^_^)


that cloud looks like a drowning dog....

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