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Ewok + Wookie = Ewookie

What if an Ewok and a Wookie mated? what would their family look like if they concieve a child? hehehe, a mother Ewok + a father Wookie = an Ewookie child,hehehe, well here is my wierd imagination about it, i hope you'll enjoy their family bonding pic, I hope you'll vote for it so badly so that this will be printed, i want to wear one too,hehehe

Shirt colors: Natural, Banana, Pacific Blue, Jade and Khaki


Super Mutant Babies!



KDLIG profile pic Artist

Do they really mate with ewoks Kicko?I mean do they really exists? I don't think you get the point on what I'm trying to picture here, it's all fiction man, wookies are not even real,hello? it's just a cute family photo, they need to be formal for that,hahahaha, btw thanks for those who dig this one,
here's a link to a more clearer version to see the big picture of it:


That's an incredible illustration! Ewoks and wookies are both pretty adorable so not falling in love with this is tough. :)

Ava Adore

great illus!!


oh god.


This is a great design and you've clearly put a lot of effort into it - so you probably don't want to hear a suggestion... At the moment considering the daughter is taller than her mother, the joke doesn't jump out at you as much as I think it should. It'd be really great if you could somehow place the ewok higher - maybe the wookie could be lifting her up in a romantic pose or something, as that would make her higher up and emphasise the fact that she and the wookie are a couple. At the moment, without the title then at first glance it looks more like a wookie babysitting an ewok and little wookie...

KDLIG profile pic Artist

point taken, but i'll just stick to this, I think it's understandable already =D

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration, the fur seems so life-like, I feel like running my fingers through it.


Okay, it's not my favorite design in the world, but I'm a Star Wars fan, so I have to give props!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm sorry, but i totally did not get the concept until the comments told me this was his wife. I thought it was two of his children. The drawings are simply stunning, but the execution leaves the point you were going for unclear. I'd like to see the result of a female Wookie and Fozzy Bear doing a lil' wookie nookie! Still, very impressive skillz.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

i get your point, i was suppose to make the Ewok taller than the Ewookie, but it would be sad for her if she has a Wookie father and her height is shorter than her Mom, atleast her father added an inch on her height,hehehe, anyway thanks for still liking it despite some things you think it's unclear, peace =D


good hair day in family!


i just love this cause i love the ewoks cause my dog resembles one!

KDLIG profile pic Artist

cuz she got it from her ewok mother,hehehe


i can't decide how to score this lol, i'm not sure if i love it or if it creeps me out, and i'm a huge sw fan. i agree with the others though about the mother/daughter thing, only after close inspection did i get who was who. def liked the idea of vindemiatrix of elevating the mother, or even just having the little one sitting down on the ground playing with her doll or something. totally dig the style and rendering, but concept wasn't clear to me. rock on.


Aside from the placement of the art, this shirt should've gotten at least an 4, damnit!!!!!
Star wars haters are everywhere.


nooooooooooooooooooooooooo......christmas.......holiday.....speciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahllllbleeeeerruuchh.........oh GOD....................

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