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maybe one on the back and one on the front? i feel like it's a bit too disconnected to be both on the front. but that's just me.


great idea!


Really would be better if it said "Evolution of Man" not "Human" as the first phrase is more commonly used.


Wow, very well illustrated point. =)


why should religion devolve? I can't remember the last time the Roman Catholic Church supported killing somebody because they thought the earth revolved around the sun. I'm an atheist, but I'm also a realist. religion is a lot better than it was even fifty years ago


pretty cool, but I think you should take out "evolution of human"... it would be more subtle and a lot cooler.


Maybe your caption should say, "Evolution of Catholicism." Religion itself is very evolutionary. Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism have been hanging around for centuries, so there isn't much change there. But Rastafarians, Wiccans, Scientologists, and Mormons are all fairly recent religious sects by comparison. Even within the same lumped up groups, like Protestants, they've all branched off to practice what they feel most comfortable with.

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um eyestozian....you know pretty much every link that was missing in the chain of monkeys to humans has been found now right? Please don't tell me that you dont believe in evolution..please dont say those words. Because not believing in evolution means you believe in the egotism of man being born just the way he is, "perfect" in every way and fully formed. Man is perfect b/c it took millions of years to perfect. btw, the shirt is cute, but you need to find a way to visualize jo6769's idea of wonderful irony. "evolve" this idea and youve got a winner.


People evolve faster than religion. not in terms of Darwinian natural selection. it would be senseless to compare the evolution of an idea to a species like humans. in terms of ideas or memes (which, if you are familiar with Richard Dawkins is just as legitimate as gene-based evolution) mainstream religion evolves MUCH slower.


the reason that we don't have a record of every species that has ever existed is that not all species are fossilized. and even if they were, we aren't spending billions of dollars a year digging them up and identifying them. the alleged "missing link" is a weak argument against evolution, and it really only addresses human evolution, because we can SEE first hand evolution of species such as peppered moths or fruit flies and the HIV virus (not a living thing, but if replicates just the same and it does evolve)


It's funny. Definately front and back of shirt material. Can't say I would get it cuz I don't like shirts with writing.

I find the joke funny and think its better if we see that religion has stayed the same rather than the devolving that some people have suggested. Not really the shirt for me but I'll give you the rating.


A lot has been said here that I don't want to bother reading, but the idea that a belief system should evolve can only come from someone who doesn't believe in it. All religions claim to be the truth. If "the truth" changed over time then that would prove that it has always been a lie. I'm not Catholic (despite my pseudonym), but it's clear that you just think religion is bad. You should probably just say that instead of proposing a fix for it.

Plus, the next-to-last stage in human evolution looks just like Chuck Norris. Who knew?


really great, I totally agree with the idea!


Accepting homosexual behavior would go against what has been written in the Bible for thousands of years. You may not agree with that belief, but if Christians change it they would not become "modern". They would quit being Christians and become something else.

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Um, superpope, i know oodles of devout Christians and nearly all of them are completely cool with homosexuals? you can interpret anti-homosexual comments however you wish, but some Christians have taken the next step and...OMG...questioned their faith and what seems right and/or wrong about it, and adjusted their lives accordingly to new interpretations. Your arguement just lets people fall back on an easy crutch of fearing what is not like them.


Good statement, but the composition feels a little awkward. something about the two rows feels a little weird at this point.


Fragoso, you're right. I guess I do agree with what your shirt says. It's just that you think it's wrong for religion to remain unchanged, and I say a religion that adjusts the truth to fit with the times is a false religion.

Frickinawesome, I'm "completely cool" with homosexuals, too. They're human beings just like me. They deserve just as much personal respect as anyone else. But I am not "completely cool" with homosexual behavior any more than I am with any other behavior that breaks the rules that are clearly outlined in the Bible (murder, lying, stealing, etc.). Just because someone's sin isn't the same as mine doesn't give me license to hate them.

But if a "devout Christian" "questioned their faith and what seems right and/or wrong about it, and adjusted their lives accordingly to new interpretations" then they are just a garden-variety hypocrite, not a Christian. You can't take what you like from Christianity and leave what you don't. It doesn't work that way. Jesus claimed to be God. The Bible claims to be the perfect word of God. Either the Bible is ALL the word of God or NONE of it is. I don't see why that's so hard to understand. Accept it as the truth or don't. Just don't suggest that there is value in watering it down.


Oh yes! Please print!!!


no religion is static. Jesus did not intend to create Christianity. any person who believes that religion hasn't or shouldn't change is a fool. "either the bible is all the word of god or none of it is" Do you not realize that the bible has been written, changed and translated by imperfect humans? if you are a Christian and not a hypocrite, shouldn't you be killing heathens and gays? maybe you are, I don't know.


Hey SuperPope, do you wear polyester?


Eky, Stalin was an atheist. Hitler based his philosophy on the writings of Nietze, who was an atheist. The two of them have caused the deaths of more people than all Christians, Jews, and Muslims combined. Stalin alone killed over 5 million of his own people in the name of atheism. And it should be mentioned that when a Christian kills they are going against their own beliefs. When an atheist kills he is living out his philisophy in a perfect way. After all, if there is no God, then survival of the fittest is the only rule.

Fragoso, the truth is the truth no matter how much time passes. An old idea isn't wrong just because it is old. If an idea is ever wrong it was always wrong. You can argue with me about this if you want, but you might as well argue that 1 + 1 = 437.

If a religion needs to change, then the religion should simply be thrown away. An incorrect belief is a worthless belief.

Fun debate! Too bad this is a comment field for a T-shirt design and not a real forum.

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Reply to someone further up the thread. Jesus is NOT God. He never claimed to be God. He only ever claimed to be the Son of God. Not that I care anyway. However, Fragoso, for what it's worth, I'd get rid of the Evolution of Human part, and leave just the Evolution of Religion (as I think someone further up suggested). If it just had the bottom part, the message is still apparent (at least to us smarty-pants) and it would automatically become something I would buy for myself, and most of my friends.

Frank Vice

maybe you should have the evolution of church go from two adults, one being a priest and have the second man get younger and younger....

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