Evin Twin

Design by murraymullet

Evin Twin by murraymullet on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i know you probably did it for balance but bad shadows are a huge pet peeve of mine so i have to point it out: it doesn't make sense.
there would only be different angled shadows if there are two sources of light and if there are two sources of light each object should have two shadows. it just doesn't seem thought out.

murraymullet profile pic Artist

My cartoon world doesn't work like the real world. Animated sporks are fine but dude get the shadows right. I love how literal people get talking about a stupid spoon and a spork. Look the design is weak shadows or not. I just wish you all would show up at the critiques and rip stuff apart there instead of here. This is the place where you like it you comment if you don't you mark it a 1 or 0 and move on.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

obviously those aren't the rules or else threadless would have some sort of block on the comment box unless we scored a design $5. alas, it's not how it works. people are allowed to say what ever they want for or against your design. if you don't want feedback maybe you shouldn't show your work publicly.


The shadows doing their own thing is fine but they grab the focus from the utensils themselves a bit.


if the lightsource were angled between the spoon and spork, then the shadows would make sense


haha GREAT!! 5$ from me :)


ya, sporks are cool - dunno where this 'evil' business is commin' from.


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