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Evil Heart

Design by KDLIG

Evil Heart by KDLIG on Threadless
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Everybody's going to kill me with their crits, just because i designed another heart, damn! boo me, i'm just so f@*#ing risky, boo me! i'll be going straight to hell for this!, this is my advance valentines for those who hate me,hehehe,peace out!

konami kode

The execution is super sweet (clean, well rendered), but the concept's not really striking any chords.


i just wish he had eyebrows. otherwise, nifty.


You are partially correct. Yes, I'm sick of heart designs. But your's is entirely different, least from what I've seen... adding that evil side makes it unique. It's badass. I'd actually buy this. And I never buy anything with hearts on it.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

thanks for that compliment! :)

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