Evil Astromonkey

Design by whirzle1

Evil Astromonkey by whirzle1 on Threadless
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whirzle1 profile pic Artist

Never trust a monkey with a knife - especially in space.

I wast thinking simulated process - but if that's a problem, it could easily be made to fit with the 8 spot color limit.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, nice perspective and joke here. It almost feels TOO big on the tee and the clean style is a bit intense at first, but i really like the scene and the feeling of space and funny in this one. Well done!

wayneking profile pic Alumni

Where are all the comments? This shirt is a riot!


this is a cool shirt.
keep the size.

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

I don't really care for funny shirts, but I drew this up for a promo poster and thought it might be something different to submit...glad you guys mediocre-ly like it!


Monkey bad, shirt good. $4.


I love it. I like it big like it is.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i sort of wish the monkey was just a small silhouette in the distance because the astronaut in the middle of the chest makes a nice shirt on his own.

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

we'll see how badly this shirt bombs...if it's not horrible, maybe I'll give the astronaut another go.


I knew monkeys were evil!


I think that the monkey would look more evil with a cigarette in his mouth, a scar over his eye and a handlebar moustache. I jest. He's plenty evil all on his own!


Heh. He's like Furious George

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