Everyone Loves Sweet Corn!

Design by Charmz_U

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Bramish profile pic Alumni

It's true. Those sweetcorn kernels are like T-1000.

herky profile pic Alumni

hilarious drawing


really funny, I can picture it hanging up in my bathroom. I dont think I could wear it though.


why are you wasting my time with this?
seriously, fuck off and go buy yourself some intelligence.



i had corn today...

oh and BTW ...

sirch, at 6:43pm on May 19, 2006
why are you wasting my time with this?
sirch, you're the one wasting your own damn time by leaving comments like that when you can just skip the entry all together...

perhaps you should be the one in the market for some intelligence...

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

i can't believe you submitted this charmz!

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