Everyone has the right... to watch tv

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Demented profile pic Artist

Democracy. It gives everyone the same rights.
Everyone can say what they want.

I turned away from the whole political thing, and went for a funny approach to democracy.

A little livingroom scene, where it is not only the human that decides what's on tv, but the rest of the things in the room also have taken the right upon them to watch tv, and decide what's on tv.
Ofcourse, it's not a full democracy, because the chair is left out. He doesn't get to watch.
He's been bad.
He can say whatever he wants though.

Man Oil

Not digging the color scheme. Just looking at the design I would never see a connection to governance, let alone democracy, in it.

Demented profile pic Artist

Governance? Where did you get from that this competition is about governance? This is about Democracy, in the widest definition of the word. I turned into something I see democracy in. If you fail to see the democracy after my initial comment, then you fail. You have to look a bit farther then the goverment stuff, and the america stuff, and the voting.

Thanks for the comments and votes guys.

Demented profile pic Artist

Well, the cat is watching Tom and Jerry, which the tv hates. I was planning on adding an arm to the tv, to have him try and put himself on another channel, but I left it out, didn't feel right.

But the speechbubble at the cat could work too. Thanks for your input.

Starrfold profile pic Alumni

Yeah, that chair is the best thing ever!

walmazan profile pic Alumni

I love alot of things in this espectacular tee $5

Demented profile pic Artist

The cat on the head is actually a little inside joke with me and a mate, but I thought it was funny enough to have a cat on someone's head.

Thanks for the comments and votes :D


cat on the head, in stead of cat in the hat.....nice!
Makes me wonder what my fatcat would put on, if i gave him a choice.

Demented profile pic Artist

Horrible emulation of the style of McBess? Uhm? What? This has nothing at all to do with McBess or his work.

Thanks for the comments and votes people :D


Poor chat, all it ever gets is sat upon!
I like this approach.

olie! profile pic Alumni

I really love the color scheme for this one, nice job


Fun illustration - but cannot see the cat against the white. Might make the cat darker or darker t-shirt?

Demented profile pic Artist

Can't see the cat against the white? The background is gray, silver. It may just be your monitor, because I have checked on multiple monitors, and the cat is all visible there.
Thanks for the input though.

Last day for this one.

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