Everyday is a holiday

Design by mildish

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I'd like it on brown.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I don't think anyone would be able to look at that shirt and intuitively guess that it means "season's greetings". I'd actually say keep the text. It beats having to explain the shirt over and over again and I can't think of another design that would more adequately portray "season's greetings". It's just sort of too abstract to be able to do without the text.


If you do put in the text correctly, maybe make is Season's Greetings, not Seasons'. :)


keep the text definetely- i wouldn't of got it without it


If you really want to keep the text, how about putting
it on the back and have it spelled out as if someone made
the letters out of poured salt and pepper ?


That's a cool idea helo. This designed made me laugh 5$


I'll give you a 4 for the simple cuteness of the design...hell a 5 for a laugh too ;]


It needs the words! Very, very few people would get the punchline without them. They would just think you were wearing a shirt with polite condiments on.


If you decide to keep the text, I'd say at least get rid of the parenthesis. Other than that it's cute :)

Alex M. Solefish

I never think of salt and pepper as season(ing)s. I wouldn't have understood it without the text, and even then, it took me a second. I would want you to keep the text, but maybe put it somewhere a little less obtrusive, and sans parentheses. Funny, though. :) 4


people, nobody would get it without the seasons greetings...

i'd like to see the seasons greetings on the back perhaps...


top design, without the words tho! 5


What about if the one of them says "Hi" and the other says "Greetings", then maybe you can catch on without having to use the seasons greetings as an explanation.


(It would be a more subtle pun)


please keep the text


haha, this is so funny and cute, $5! GO


Oh, I think it would be hilarious if you had a bunch of seasonings, and they were all saying hello in different languages or something... maybe that is a little cliche... but it did take me a minute to get it without the text.

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